Store maintenance is a cornerstone of employee safety and customer service. Boost retention rates with this starter guide for managers

Do you have a store that you want to impress customers with as soon as they enter? A store must be clean and nice for customers. This is called store maintenance.

Good retail store maintenance or chain store maintenance includes regular cleaning, planning, and coordination. A store manager who does this well will have happy customers, and happy workers, and save money.

So, do you want your customers and your workers happier? Well, this commercial store maintenance guide gives tips for managers to have a great store.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

The first step is to clean and sanitize the store as much as you can. This means daily tasks like sweeping, wiping, and stocking shelves. It also means doing the big cleaning jobs that might take longer or are harder to do.

This involves cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, and having commercial window cleaning done once a week or once a month. It is also important to keep the store sanitized, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means having hand sanitizers and telling workers to wash often.

Good Lighting and Climate Control

A store should have good lighting and a comfortable temperature. Bright lights make the store look welcoming. A comfortable temperature helps customers feel good.

Managers should check and change light bulbs as needed. This is what makes knowing why lightbulbs burn out quickly important so that any part of the store is never not well lit. They should also make sure the heating and air conditioning are working well.

Nice Store Displays

Store displays should look nice and be organized. This means keeping shelves neat, arranging merchandise in a nice way, and having signs that are easy to read and well-lit.

Window displays should be changed often to keep them fresh. Managers should also think about using digital displays or interactive displays. This can help make shopping more fun, easier, and more memorable for customers.

Equipment and Fixtures Maintenance

Equipment and fixtures must be maintained to work well and in a safe manner. This means checking and cleaning appliances like refrigerators and ovens. It also means fixing broken fixtures like shelves and shopping carts.

The store's outside should also look good. This means power-washing sidewalks and fixing building damage, and removing litter from the parking lot.

Employee Training

Workers must be trained and know their role in store maintenance. Managers should teach workers why store maintenance is important and what tasks they should do.

They should give workers the tools they need to do their job well. Managers should also encourage workers to report any problems and fix them as soon as they spot them.

Good Store Maintenance Practices

Store maintenance is essential for a store's success. Good store maintenance includes all the things that we've mentioned here. By doing these things, a manager can have a great store with happy customers and workers, and save money.

So, if you want your store to be more successful, and have both returning customers, then follow this guide to make sure you have these!

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